5 Reasons to Wear a Face Mask
Health experts are urging the public to wear masks. Research shows that masks are a powerful tool to prevent spread of the coronavirus. Here's why.

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"Our Companions are professional in caregiving. We help our clients combat loneliness, stay better nourished and hydrated, and we provide social and mental engagement leading to better health. Yes, our Companions can make you a home cooked meal, take you to your favorite restaurant or we can deliver healthy, nutritious meals to your home. Find out how we can make your health and your life better today!"

Food Menu Order
July 25th - July 29th
Place orders by 11:59pm on 7/21
All meals are $11.00, 3 meal minimum order


"The Companions Who Care"
will be carefully matched to
each and every client.

Our Companions are personally interviewed, backgrounds are thoroughly checked and they must be enthusiastic about being a key person in a Senior's life. Our Companions are located all over the Island and selection is made on personality, location and availability.

Your Companion will be reliable and friendly. They will be your helping hands. Together, today and tomorrow, forming relationships that work. Angel Home Care, Inc. keeps making it happen!

Our Mission

To render the care and assistance essential for you to maintain your independence. Angel Home Care, Inc. will enrich the quality of your life.

Family Members

Angel Home Care, Inc. will provide peace of mind. Our companions will be with your family members when it's impossible for you to be there. Rest assured, your loved ones will receive attentive and competent care from our companions.

Helping seniors and their families meet their
Home care needs.

Please contact us for more information. We will gladly answer your questions over the phone or in person. Angel Home Care, Inc. will come to you at your convenience.


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